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24. Juli 2018 09:53


Although I am experienced in creating 2d/3d content for broadcast, I am a complete novice in regards to creating interactive 3d. I have just a few questions.

I have most of the software available I need to create broadcast - PhotoShop, zBrush, Maya (especially), formZ, Massive, xTream, Poser, iClone, After Effects, and others. I also am an intermediate C++ programmer.

1. Could someone just give an overview of how (or if) I can integrate these into Blender interactive. Am I limited to model creation only, or can the animations, background scenes, etc. be integrated also?

2. With the software I have and Blender - is this enough to produce a commercial viable game?

3. Frankly, I'm just a little bit confused. As an example: Say a scene starts with an overview of a boy walking down a road then cuts to the boy's point of view awaiting user action. The boy (user) turns 360 degrees, takes 5 steps forward and then turns 360 degrees again. The overview is no problem. This could be a QT animation - but could it integrated? Further, I cannot imagine that the correct work flow for the turning 360 (or other actions later) is to create animations in Maya to cover every possible action that the user might take.

Any guidance and/or referring of books would be greatly appreciated.

Please help.

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Re: Other Software Integration

24. Juli 2018 11:13

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