What impact does my C/AL have on SQL?

1. Februar 2008 12:46

Eric Wauters (aka "waldo") hat in seinem Blog wunderbar den Unterschied zwischen FINDFIRST, FIND('-'), FINDLAST, FIND('+'), FINDSET, ISEMPTY, COUNT und COUNTAPPROX beschrieben und erklärt auch die Auswirkungen auf die generierten SQL-Statements sowie die zu erwartende Perfomance.

Sehr interessanter Beitrag auf eine sehr häufig gestellte Frage.

Waldo's Blog hat geschrieben:What impact does my C/AL have on SQL?

This is a very challenging blogpost in my opinion. I see many stories going around on what would be the best way to use the new FIND-instructions, what C/AL to write in what case. I have my own thoughts on this which I would like to share. I don't want to say the following is the best way to go, let's just say it's a good way to go .

First question (and I think the most important question that is on people's mind), how to use the FIND statements. This is not easy, because using the FIND statement really depends on the type of loop you're using.