DynamicsWay NavBackup - Automatic Navision Backup Tool

9. Oktober 2007 11:42

Now You may schedule Navision database (Database File/Native connection/SQL connection) backup in 5 minutes. Easy-to-use, flexible solution contains next features:

1. Support for SQL Server/Native Server/Database types!
2. Flexible Backup Name and Filename generation using predefined constants!
3. Automatic Companies retrieving functionality, which helps reduce mistakes while inputing Company names!
4. All the Navision Backup environment options exists!
5. Supports for 7Zip and ZIP archive formats to reduce backup size up to 90%!
6. Flexible E-Mail notification (On Success/On Error/Both) with log attachment!
7. Log file creation!
8. Not linked to selected Navision environment language!
9. Supports 3.X-5.X Navision versions
10. Easy-to-use interface. Use standart Windows Scheduler!
11. Possibility to run Script/Executable after Backup process (archive/backup arguments support!)
12. NT/Database identification support, SQL Server search

If anybody has suggestions on how to improve this tool please contact me.
Software updates will be posted on this forum,mibuso and official site.
There is another tool coming this month - Automatic Object Importing, it's currently in alpha testing.
It works like this:
On a host machine AO is running as a server or scheduled task which checks defined email for the incoming objects with crypted file and so on.
Then it import those objects according to defined rules and permissions (check if object exists in database and import it), while importing logging is processed and status is sent back, all the sent objects are compressed. Also there will be possibility to export old objects before import new ones and send them back to defined email. If anybody hass suggestions, please post them to improve the software (it will be also free).
Hope to hear from You.
Igor Beeone
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17. Juli 2008 17:00

Nice tool for someone who has no other backup solution!
Got no problems during test. :-)