Re: What's New für Entwickler (mit VS Code)

7. Juni 2024 12:29

Yun Zhu
The difference between Record.Validate() Method and assignment statement
How to locate the object that needs to be translated in a standard translation file (Base Application.xlf……)
Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premises upgrade scenario (All Supported Upgrade Paths)
How to quickly get Longest Common Substring in AL

Stefano Demiliani: Why not reviewing the SaaS storage cost policy?

Søren Friis Alexandersen: From idea to release in a few weeks

Re: What's New für Entwickler (mit VS Code)

18. Juni 2024 08:28

Stefan Maroń: Hiermit können nun auch die kommenden SaaS-Versionen von BC durchleuchtet werden (beginnt mit 23.5). Die aktuellen und alten OnPrem weiterhin in :greenarrow: (Unterschiede der Repos)

Re: What's New für Entwickler (mit VS Code)

17. Juli 2024 12:52

Learn: What's new in Development (25.x)

Stefano Demiliani
Dynamics 365 Business Central v25: what’s coming for developers.
Dynamics 365 Business Central and Power Automate Connector: create, modify, delete triggers things to know.
Prevent prompt injections in your Azure OpenAI and Copilots implementations.

Yun Zhu
How to get the full version text in Help & Support via AL (Record daily version information)
How to check BaseApp version via AL (Include First-party localization)

Kine (Kamil Sacek)
Using Paket CLI for Business Central
NuGet-izing Business Central: Current status

Waldo: Cleaning up Media Orphans with the Data Administration tool in Business Central

Videopodcast: Dynamics Corner Episode 329: AL development for OGs

Re: What's New für Entwickler (mit VS Code)

Gestern 08:57

Yun Zhu
Show the user’s display name on the top navigation bar when user is signed in
Save the Work Description (multiline text) to the Attachments (Document Attachment)
Conversion between Blob data type and Media/MediaSet data type
Publish without debugging (Ctrl+F5) and Debug without publishing (Ctrl+Shift+F5)

Volodymyr Dvernytskyi
The Dark Side of Ternary Operator
Table Editor 3.0