Neue Lizenzbeschränkung für Docker Desktop

2. September 2021 09:21

Docker Desktop ist im Unternehmen nur noch bedingt kostenlos (bis 249 User und weniger als $10 Mill. Jahresumsatz)
4.2 Specific License Limitations – Docker Desktop.

(a) The Docker Desktop component of the Service at the level of the Personal Offering (as described on the Pricing Page) is further restricted to: (i) your “Personal Use”, (ii) your “Educational Use”, (iii) your use for a non-commercial open source project, and (iv) your use in a “Small Business Environment”.

(b) For purposes of this Section 4.2: (i) “Personal Use” is the use by an individual developer for personal use to develop free or paid applications, (ii) “Educational Use” is the use by members of an educational organization in a classroom learning environment for academic or research purposes or contribution to an open source project and (iii) a “Small Business Environment” is a commercial undertaking with fewer than 250 employees and less than US $10,000,000 (or equivalent local currency) in annual revenue.

Re: Neue Lizenzbeschränkung für Docker Desktop

5. September 2021 16:10

News in the Windows container and Docker world

Re: Neue Lizenzbeschränkung für Docker Desktop

24. September 2021 11:28

Falls man sowieso alles über Kommandozeilen macht, geht es so auch ohne Docker Desktop.
Running Windows and Linux containers without Docker Desktop